Windows Efficiency Accelerator changes the ridiculous Windows Performance Adviser


As every day for more that 2 months we have a new Name, but the same infection. Now it is called Windows Efficiency Accelerator. From the marketing point of view, this name is better that previous two names. So maybe this parasite will last a bit longer: not one, but several days. That is because Windows users might believe that this program exists and does its job. You can always blame Windows for working too slow, so Windows Efficiency Accelerator look like it can accelerate the efficiency of the system. I think this name will generate more sales for FakeVimes parasite developers.

Windows Efficiency Accelerator does exactly the same things as all fakevimes parasites. It installs to the systems, scans it, finds a lot of infections and asks to purchase its Paid version to remove the infections witch were created by Windows Efficiency Accelerator itself. Please do not Fall into this scam.

As always I’ll put the link to the manual removal instructions for Windows Efficiency Accelerator parasite.


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