Windows Efficiency Analyzer


Windows Efficiency Analyzer is a rogue antivirus program that belongs to a huge family of rogue spreading through fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. It’s a program that imitates being a legitimate antivirus program but in fact uses malicious methods to get money from innocent computer users.

Windows Efficiency Analyzer runs fake scanners and displays contrived lists of infections in order to make you believe your system is at risk. Then the program offers getting its full version in order to delete detected threats. Unfortunately, Windows Efficiency Analyzer is not able to detect or remove anything. It is definitely far away form real antivirus program and it’s not able to detect anything.

Despite that, the program is ready to do everything to prove the opposite. It even creates fake pop up ads and security notifications which state that your system has security problems and promote Windows Efficiency Analyzer as the program to fix these problems.

Do not fall for a trick of computer hackers. If you notice any signs that have been mentioned, make sure to remove Windows Efficiency Analyzer as soon as possible. It’s a fake application that you should never trust.

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