Windows Efficiency Magnifier


Windows Efficiency Magnifier is yet another rogue antispyware that looks and acts exactly the same way as lots of other before mentioned parasites. It’s one of the plenty of rogue program which infiltrate using a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. This alert announces that your system is affected by numerous of infections and recommends running a scan with Windows Efficiency Magnifier.

The program only imitates performing a scan and then displays a list of infections that don’t even exist on your computer or it’s also possible that the program will display some legitimate files as the infections. Most important is not to fall for such trick and not to attempt remove those files especially using the methods offered by Windows Efficiency Magnifier.

The program will basically tell you to purchase it full version. The reason of this is to get your money easily.

It’s highly recommended to get rid of Windows Efficiency Magnifier right after its detection on the system. Use a legitimate antispyware program for quick and easy removal.

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