Windows Efficiency Manager


Windows Efficiency Manager is one more rogue antispyware program that uses fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert to mislead computer users and make them think they got their system infected. The next step is the program takes is offing to purchase a so called full version of a program

Windows Efficiency Manager appears on the system with every system reboot. Basically you receive a warning stating that your system is badly infected and has ton of security issues. To be more precise, the program scares you into thinking your system has some really bad situation and needs a quick fix. Later on Windows Efficiency Manager offers purchasing a full version of its program in order to repair all your system errors.

Unfortunately, the truth is that the program only wants to get your money but not to solve your system problems. Actually it even reports about fake infections that don’t even exist. So as you see it only wants to reveal your credit card details in order to charge it.

You are strongly recommended to remove Windows Efficiency Manager with a reputable antispyware program instead of trusting what it says and acting according to its suggested way.

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