Windows Efficiency Reservoir – stupid name to believe its a good program


Windows Efficiency Reservoir is another rogue antivirus program that belongs to Rogue.FakeVimes family. The program warns that your system is badly infected. The application warns that your system is badly infected and recommends getting a full version of Windows Efficiency Reservoir in order to fix your security issues.

The program runs a fake scanner that pretends to look for infections. Then it generates a list of files that have been supposedly noticed on your machine. In fact these scan results are falsified and Windows Efficiency Reservoir only tries to get money from you by selling something fake.

The program also comes displaying various security notifications stating that firewall has blocked a program form accessing the Internet when you try to run some program. You may also receive some error messages warning that your system data security is at risk and so on.

Do not take any of these messages for granted. If you want to solve your security issues, you must remove Windows Efficiency Reservoir as soon as you notice it on your computer.


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