Windows Enterprise Suite


Windows Enterprise Suite is a fake security tool that just imitates to check the PC for infections. WindowsEnterpriseSuite usually declares that hundreds of Trojans, worms and other unwanted applications are detected and tries to convince people that purchasing its “full” version is urgently needed. In reality, this rogue anti-spyware displays security notifications even when machine is absolutely clean, so please ignore them. This rogue only tries to  steal the money and personal information from the user, so there is no doubt that the only program which must be removed immediately after detection is the same Windows Enterprise Suite.
For reaching its goals successfully, Windows Enterprise Suite modifies Windows Hosts file and enables antivirus software of the machine. After making self comfortable, badware immediately starts promoting its “licensed” version and displays annoying and undoubtedly false security alerts for the user. What is more, scanning the computer is repeated again and again by this scam and results are always the same. That’s because Windows Enterprise Suite creates its own fake files which are known to be:


Don’t take any security and privacy reports, produced by Windows Enterprise Suite, serious. If you have any doubt, use a reputable anti-spyware program and scan your computer. Remove Windows Enterprise Defender from your PC immediately after detection.

t will only try to steal your money and personal information from your PC.

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