Windows Enterprise Defender


Windows Enterprise Defender is a total rogue which has nothing common to PC security and viruses’ removal. Created by the same people who can be blamed for releasing Windows PC Defender or Windows Security Suite, this tricky program usually tries to make people think that their computers are under the attack of cyber threats and a reputable security program is needed. The only option how the reported malware can be deleted Windows Enterprise Defender presents its “full” version but there should be mentioned that paying for it asked.
However, there is no such file reported by Windows Enterprise Defender which should be removed immediately. The program just imitates to detect the infections and uses misleading notifications or security alerts to scare the user. In reality, this rogue anti-spyware reports about the files which actually are harmless or even important for the normal computer’s work. What is more, after being purchased, this scam can steal all the important information from the user and even credit card details. To sum up, Windows Enterprise Defender is a fake anti-spyware, so please don’t pay any cent for it! Use a reputable anti-spyware and get rid of Windows Enterprise Defender.

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