Windows Functionality Checker does not check system functionality

Windows Functionality Checker is a malicious application that is distributed through the active use of Trojans without asking user’s permission and even without noticing him about the installation of a new program. It’s actually a rogue anti-spyware program that only imitates to be a security tool.
Once the program is downloaded and installed it is also configured to start automatically when computer is rebooted. The same thing happens after each computer reboot. First of all, Windows Functionality Checker runs its scanner which doesn’t look for real infections indeed. System scan is only imitated and in the end it displays fake infections. However, Windows Functionality Checker will be insisting to get rid of them stating that their presence on your computer can cause some serious damage.
And that is not the only inconvenience. Additionally, Windows Functionality Checker shows up tons of security tray alerts that warn about spyware infiltration to your system. Both the scanner of Windows Functionality Checker and the above mentioned alerts are followed by an offer to purchase a full version of Windows Functionality.
Please don’t fall for this trick as in reality this program has nothing to offer. Windows Functionality Checker was created by cyber criminals in order to rip computer users off. Every single alert by this malware is fabricated in order to trick the user of infected computer.??You must do all it takes to get rid of Windows Functionality Checker from your computer. It is strongly recommended to get a reputable anti-spyware program which will not only fix Windows Functionality Checker, remove other existing infections but also protect from future spyware attacks.


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