Windows Guard Tools – a fake system guard


Windows Guard tools is a new rogue anti-spyware tool from FakeVimes virus family. This virus has a great name and looks like the infection rate is higher that usual. Windows System Maintenance and Windows Guard Tools are really strong names and victims are tricked into this scam more easily than the previous ones.

Windows Guard Tools does the same as all fakevimes parasites. It installs to the system and starts to display various notifications that your computer is infected with numerous infections. When you start windows it will start scanning the system and find a lot of possible threats. All this process of scan and notifications are blatant lie. They are fake and used to scare you. If you click on notification you will be asked to pay for the Full version of Windows Guard Tools. That is how they earn money from the scam. First of all they silently install their product to the system, then ask money to remove it. All there threats found are fake and the only virus is the Windows Guard Tools itself.

Stay away from purchasing fake product. If you pay them, you will never get your money back, even if you will contact your bank. and by paying them you are financing the development of the future parasites.

The easiest way to remove the Windows Guard Tools is to use reputable anti-spyware product like SpyHunter, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware or Spyware Doctor. there are some other tool who are really safe and reputable, for example Hitman Pro, Stopzilla, Emsisoft tool, but the first one are more popular.

I publish manual removal Guide for the virus Windows Guard Tools on my anti-spyware site Follow the link to remove Windows Guard Tools


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