Windows Health Center


Windows Health Center is a rogue antispyware program that infects computers with a help of a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. It’s a clone of Windows Shield Center which was described in the previous post. The program is developed by computer criminals who were trying to find an easy way to get money. Basically they are trying to sell a program that has no useful functions at all as a security application.

At first a fake alert appears on the system which states that your computer was infected by a Trojan. Then your computer will be scanned and more threats displayed. In order to remove them, you will be offered to download and install Windows Health Center. The installation will be completed when you restart your system. Then Windows Health Center will scan your system and list a bunch of various files as infections. The program will say that only its full version is able to remove infections so you will be asked to make a payment before the program repairs everything.

There is no need to say that Windows Health Center only wants to get your money. Don’t fall for this trick of cyber criminals. Do not pay for Windows Health Center under any circumstances. It’s a malicious program that shouldn’t be on your system. Get rid of Windows Health Center with a reputable antispyware program or manually stopping an deleting it’s processes.

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