Windows Lowlevel Solution


Windows Lowlevel Solution is one more rogue antispyware program that is advertised on the Internet with fake pop ups stating that your system is infected and offering running its scanner. If you click on such message you will be redirected to the website which will offer scanning your system with an online scanner. In fact it’s a fake scanner that is not able to detect anything. Despite that, it will imitate looking for system threats and even generate a list of infections. Then Windows Lowlevel Solution offers purchasing its full version in order to remove infections that were listed by the online scanner.

The application can also be installed pretending it’s an automatic update from Microsoft. If you don’t agree to install it right away, you will keep receiving it again and again with each computer reboot. When you install it, you will actually best online casino install Windows Lowlevel Solution. The application attempts to prove you to be a legitimate antispyware program. Once it gets your trust, Windows Lowlevel Solution expects you to buy its license.

There is probably no need to say, that if you make a payment for Windows Lowlevel Solution you will end up losing your money. So please don’t fall for this trick of cyber criminals and instead of paying for it, remove Windows Lowlevel Solution as soon as possible.

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