Windows Malware Firewall is not a firewall, it is a virus!


This time guys at Fakevimes thought a nice name to cheat on computer users. Windows Malware Firewall name looks solid one. I think this time more computer users will fall into this scam. Windows Malware Firewall has nothing to do with the windows system or firewall. It is a malware, which we classify as rogue anti-spyware. Users describe it as a virus.
When Windows Malware Firewall installs to the system, it starts a system scan. The scan is fake. It just pretends scanning, actually it does not scan the hard drive at all. This fake scan is programmed into the software. After short and fake scan this program shows that your computer is infected with numerous malware parasites and viruses. It looks scary. Of course any user which believe this report will start thinking how to delete all these viruses. Windows Malware Firewall tells that it can delete the infections, but you need to purchase its final version.

This is a false report as the scan was fake. you need to uninstall Windows Malware Firewall, and you will not see any viruses at all. This program was design to make online casino you think that you are infected, and this program can help.. But in real this program is the virus itself. Even if you do not believe the scan and you close the report window, you will start getting enormous amount of security notifications, that your computer is infected for real. These alerts not only slows down the performance of the system, but disturbs your work with the computer.

Getting rid of Windows Malware Firewall is not an easy process. You need some advanced computer knowledge to remove the software. Here is the Video of Windows Malware Firewall in action, and places of infection. You can terminate Windows Malware Firewall process if you locate it correctly. Video guide for Windows Malware Report

As always I publish actual removal instructions in anti-spyware portal We provide


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