Windows Monitoring Utility


Windows Monitoring Utility is a rogue antispyware program created by cyber criminals in order to steal money from ordinary computer users. First of all the program imitates that your computer was infected by a Trojan. A fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert appears on the screen which warns about a Trojan virus and then offers to scan your computer.

The scanner displays more infected files and recommends installing Windows Monitoring Utility to your system. Windows Monitoring Utility is run after the first system reboot and it repeats every time you restart your system. The program looks like system scanner. It is run for a while and then the program provides a list of infections that supposedly exist on your system. In reality these files are completely harmless but they are presented as threats. Windows Monitoring Utility offers removing infections with a help of its full version. You are only asked to make a payment for its license. Then the program promises to fix everything.

Unfortunately that is not true. Windows Monitoring utility only reaches for your money. It’s a worthless application that can only damage but it will never help your computer. Get rid of Windows Monitoring Utility as soon as you detect it on your computer.

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