Windows Multi Control System. Stay away from it!


Here goes one more member of FakeVimes family – Windows Multi Control System. Just like the earlier versions, the program is the same stealthy application that expects to make computer users pay for it. Basically, it will pretends detecting various infections by running its fake scanner and later on offers you to purchase a so called full version of Windows Multi Control System in order to finish the scan and remove the infecitons.

Not to mention interupting you with various security notifications. Even browsing the internet will become a bit difficult as you will get redirected to the crazest websites.This becomes so annoying that I’m not surprised at all why some people agree to pay for it. You cannot just ignore the existance of Windows Multi Control System as it will become unbearable.

To stop this annoying activity, use a reliable antispyware tool and make sure you upgrade it before you run a full system scan. Do not trust FakeVimes family under any circumstances.


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