Windows Optimal Settings


Windows Optimal Settings is a rogue antispyware program that originates from the large family of rogues that spread using a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. It infiltrates into computer system secretly and once there it becomes the dominating component on the system. Trojan viruses play the main role during the infiltration.

Basically, when Windows Optimal Settings enters the system, you will experience a bunch of unwanted actions there. First of all the system will be scanned with a fake scanner of Windows Optimal Settings. Once it’s done, the program will generate a list of supposedly detected malicious files. It will actually list the files that were created by a Trojan right after infiltration of Windows Optimal Settings. You will be convinced that these files are infectious and insisted to purchase a full version.

Please do not fall for this trick in any case. Beware that Windows Optimal Settings is a rogue program that has nothing to do with a real antispyware tool. This badware will only create lots of problems on your system, which will all lead to ripping you off.

Ignore any security notifications and scan results of Windows Optimal Settings if it happened to you to detect this badware on your system. Remove Windows Optimal Settings from your system with a reputable antispyware program.

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