Windows Optimization Center


Windows Optimization Center starts acting misleadingly just after its secret infiltration because it is a new malware which you should be aware of. Being distributed through Trojans, it will run fake security scanners after secret intrusion and will show such annoying reports telling about tons of malicious programs detected:

Processing Unprotected Startup
Attention! A potential security vulnerability detected due to numerous virus attacks.
Unauthorized access to personal and proprietary information may occur.
Possible hardware-induced corruption with most or all of the file system damage may cause irreversible data loss.

These alerts in reality are useless because they announce only invented or completely legitimate files, so ignore everything reported by WindowsOptimization Center.

Windows Optimization Center has the basic traits of rogue anti-spywares: it is stealthy, deceptive and extremely hazardous. Malware gets into PCs through affiliated Trojans undetected and then starts typically interrupting into a normal computer’s functionality. That means triggering exaggerated popup alerts or running misleading results about viruses. The fake positives will prompt you to install Windows Optimization Center ‘licensed’ software to remove these infections and privacy problems. It’s important to know that all stages of this malware activity eventually lead to purchasing. However, it is highly recommended uninstalling Windows Optimization Center as it is dangerous malware. If you don’t remove it, you will end up getting attacked by more backdoor trojans trying to affect system performance.

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