Windows Passport Utility


Windows Passport Utility is a fake antispyware program that spreads through fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. The message warns about the infiltration of a Trojan virus and recommends scanning the entire system with Windows Passport Utility program.

Once the application is allowed to run its scanner, it imitates looking for infections and then displays a list of supposedly detected threats. In order to remove them you are asked to make a payment for Windows Passport Utility. The program not only offers to remove all infections but also promises to protect your system in future against all kinds of malware attacks.

Besides you will receive a bunch of different security notifications which not only falsely warn about more infections detected but also promote Windows Passport Utility as a reputable antispyware tool.

Please remove Windows Passport Utility tool as soon as you notice its existence on your computer. Do not hesitate even one minute. The sooner your get rid of it, the better it is for your system.

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