Windows Personal Doctor scares you with the Fake notifications


Windows Personal Doctor is a rogue antivirus program that was designed by computer hackers in order to earn money easily by tricking random computer users. The program warns that your system is badly infected and recommends getting a full version of Windows Personal Doctor and tries to get money this way.

The application causes tons of problems in your machine. It becomes difficult to run any of your legitimate program as Windows Personal Doctor does not allow to do so. Instead the program warns that your system is infected and doesn’t allow running it. The program also causes other types of security notifications and pop up ads which warn that your system is at risk, etc.

Most importantly, Windows Personal Doctor uses a fake scanner which imitates looking for infections and recommends purchasing its license and activate the program so it could remove all infections. In fact it is not able to detect or remove actually infections so your shouldn’t fall for this trick.

Please remove Windows Personal Doctor as soon as you detect it on your system. Do not keep it there as it will only cause you troubles.


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