Windows Police PRO


After Windows Police PRO is installed into your PC, you will soon be wondering how to get rid of this annoying application. Windows Police PRO is a rogue anti-spyware which spreads itself through the use of Trojans and there is no permission asked when these parasites decide to break into the compromised PC and plant there the trialware of the scam.
Being designed just like Microsoft Security tool, Windows Police PRO starts cheating on you by showing deceitful information about hundreds of parasites found. Also, this parasite informs that its trialware is unable to help you in fixing these problems and prompts you to purchase the “full” its version. Don’t spend any sum of money for it! Please, remove Windows Police PRO from your PC as soon as possible!

One Response to “Windows Police PRO”

  1. josh says:

    my computer stated poping up windows police pro and now i cant do any thing i dont install it and i cant ever use the control panle any ideals