Windows Power Expansion


Windows Power Expansion is a rogue antispyware program that spreads through a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. The program pretends being a security tool while in reality it’s completely useless. As soon as the program enters the targeted machine it makes some changes there so that it could start working right after computer is restarted.

Windows Power Expansion only imitates performing system scan and reports about fake infections only to scare computer user into thinking his system is badly infected. Then it attempts to sell its program claiming that it will fix every single security problem and provide protection in the future. Even more, Windows power Expansion is responsible for appearance of tons of security notifications and pop up ads that claim your system is attacked by spyware infections and that you need to scan it with Windows Power Expansion program in order to fix that.

In reality, it is a malicious program that only seeks for your money but doesn’t provide any real services. Security experts strongly advise removing Windows Power Expansion as soon as you notice it signs on your system.

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