Windows Precautions Center


Windows Precautions Center is a rogue antispyware program that was designed by computer hackers in order to rip computer users off. The program spreads using fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert which warns that your system is infected with a Trojan virus and then offers scanning the system with its scanner.

First of all you get that fake alert that only users the name of Microsoft though it doesn’t have anything in common with it. This alert states that your system contains a Trojan virus. In order to remove it, you are offered to install Windows Precautions Center to your system. Once you click OK, the program is downloaded and installed and right after you restart computer the program is started straight away.

Windows Precautions Center is started automatically every time you log in to Windows. It looks like a reputable antispyware program that runs its scanner in order to look for infections. The difference is that Windows Precautions Center is not able to detect any malicious files. For this reason it displays a list of nonexistent files and claims them to be infections. The program doesn’t agree to remove them until you purchase a full version of Windows Precautions Center. That’s another thing that was made up in order to make computer users pay for Windows Precautions Center.

Do not trust in Windows Precautions Center. It is nothing similar to a reputable antispyware. You must do all it takes in order to remove Windows Precautions Center from your computer right after its detections there.

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