Windows Premium Guard a bit smarter name to steal identity and money


Windows Premium Guard changes the yesterday infection Windows Efficiency Accelerator. From my point of view this name is a bit smarter. Maybe it will last a bit longer. Safety is a bigger priority than the efficiency for the users . If your computer is slow, you can wait and think do you really need to purchase a program to accelerate the efficiency.. But if you see that you computer has been compromised and there is some kind of Windows Efficiency Premium Guard which tells that it will fix your computer, you might trick into that instantly.

Anyway it is just another parasite from the FakeVimes family. Windows Premium Guard does not guard your system. It infects not guards. You will see a lot of fake notifications and alerts and you will be asked to purchase the Full version to fix those alerts. All this is Fake. Please follow removal instruction which are provided at project. This projects is all about spyware and malware removal.

Be safe.


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