Windows Pro Safety release – a release with no safety


Strange and stupid name from Fakevimes virus family. Windows Pro Safety release may sound as a special release from Windows to maintain the safety of the system. But in real it is just another rogueware virus which uses scare tactics to trick victim into purchasing the fake product. All products from fakevimes family are the fake ones. We tested them numerous times on completely clean system and it finds a lot of infections and shows numerous security alerts. if you will purchase this product, you will never get your money back even through your bank.

we have an activation code for Windows Pro Safety release. It is 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0020. When you will enter this code, the pop up ads casino online will stop, but the infection will stay on your system. After some time this virus may get the new name and start displaying the same alerts under the new name. So just registration does not fix your computer from Windows Pro Safety release infection.
The best option is to scan your system with the reputable antispyware software like spyware doctor, or SpyHunter for example. more information about Windows Pro Safety release I post on website.


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