Windows Problems Protector


Windows Problems Protector is a fake antispyware program that infiltrates to computers through a fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. It’s a program that must be removed right after its detection on your system despite that it looks like a legitimate security tool.

At first the fake alert warns you about detection of some Trojan on your computer. Later the program runs some scanner and offers you to download Windows Problems Protector program in order to initiate system files. You will start seeing the activity of Windows Problems Protector as soon as you reboot your system. It will scan your computer and tell that your system is badly infected with a bunch of different infections. In order to remove them you will be asked to pay for a license of Windows Problems Protector.

Do not act this way under any circumstances. If you pay, it doesn’t mean your system will be clean and protected .Windows Problems Protector is just not this kind of program so you will simply lose your money.

Moreover, you will be constantly annoyed by fake security notifications and pop up ads. they will warn you about spyware infections that actually don’t exist.  Please remove Windows Problems Protector as soon as you detect it on your system.

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