Windows Problems Remover


Windows Problems Remover is a new member in the family of rogue programs. It might look like a legitimate security tool, but trust me it’s nothing eve close to that. Windows Problems Remover is a program that infiltrates to computers via Trojans. This type of infiltration is completely secret so don’t be surprised to not see when exactly this badware got into your system.

As soon as it enters inside, Windows Problems Remover will be launched when you attempt to restart your computer. The program is shown before Windows screen appears. Basically you are not able to reach any of your legitimate programs. You only see Windows Problems Remover scanning your system and displaying tons of infections detected there. Most importantly, the program asks to pay for its license and promises that this will enable the program to remove all detected threats. That’s a big lie. Neither trial nor full version of Windows Problems Remover is able to perform any functions of security tool. It simply imitates system scan and reports about threats that in fact don’t exist.

Ignore any security notifications and scanner of Windows Problems Remover. It’s nothing close to the truth. Get rid of Windows Problems Remover as soon as you notice it on your computer.

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