Windows Process Regulator


Windows Process Regulator is a rogue antispyware program that spreads to computers through fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. The application was designed by computer hackers in order to earn some money from computer users that have less knowledge about this type of infections.

At the beginning you will receive a message stating that your computer was infected with a Trojan. The program will offer scanning your computer immediately. If you agree, you will get Windows Process Regulator installed into your system.

Once there, Windows Process Regulator will scan your computer with each computer restart. The program will state that you computer is badly infected. In order to get rid of the infections you will be offered to purchase a full version of Windows Process Regulator.

The truth is that computer hackers that designed this application want to get your money. However, they will not provide any security services and the situation of your system will remain the same. The only way to solve this issue is removing Windows Process Regulator itself. Use a legitimate antispyware program to do this quickly and easily.

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