Windows Profile System


Windows Profile System is a fake antispyware program that was designed by computer hackers. It’s created in order to rip computer users off by selling a completely useless application as an antispyware tool. Windows Profile System infiltrates with a help of Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert that claims your system is infected with a Trojan. According to the program this may cause compromising or damaging your computer. As a solution, it offers installing a trial version of Windows Profile System. After that it requires your system to be rebooted.

As soon as you restart your computer, you will see Windows Profile System started. The program will pretend scanning your system for infections. Then it will definitely state that your computer is badly infected and display a bunch of files that were supposedly detected as threats. However, this version of Windows Profile System will not offer removing detections. The program will ask you to purchase a full version of Windows Profile System which should remove all threats that have been detected. One more thing to mention, this version of the program is presented as paid.

In reality neither trial nor full version of Windows Profile System can detect or remove any real infections. It’s just a trick to swindle computer users’ money away. Please remove Windows Profile System from your system as soon as you notice it on your system.

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