Windows ProSecurity Scanner – numerous false positives


Windows ProSecurity Scanner is again the virus from the fakeVimes family. This time the rogue developers left intentional error in the parasite name. Windows Pro Security Scanner would seem more professional and deceptive name than Windows ProSecurity Scanner. Now average user will think that something is not right, as it looks like a typing error.. That does not sound solid.

Anyway Windows ProSecurity Scanner does the same.. Infects, shows numerous fake alerts and tries to convince you to purchase the Full version. To stop the nonstopable popup ads, please eneter the product registration code: 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0020. This will not remove the infection, you need to scan your system with reputable anti-spyware software.

I added the removal instructions to There are 5 products we recommend to remove Windows ProSecurity Scanner automatically.. You can choose any.


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