Windows Protection Servant


Windows Protection Servant is a malicious rogue program that infects random computers systems in order to rip their users off. The application is downloaded and installed to computers via Trojan viruses. Once inside, it uses a bogus scanner and tons of fake security messages to create and illusion your system is infected. The aim of this is to scare you and convince you to purchase a full version of Windows Protection Servant.

Windows Protection Servant basically reports about infections that have been found on your computer which in reality don’t exist. This is easy to understand as on each infected computer it reports the same problems. At first, Windows Protection Servant runs its scanner and pretends looking for infections. Then you will be notified that your system is at risk and you are offered to purchase a full version of a program so it could fix everything.

What is more, Windows Protection Servant will disturb running your legitimate programs and instead display more warnings. It also displays various pop up messages claiming that your computer’s hard drive experiences some issues. In the end the program offers activating its full version and promises that it will solve all your problems.

Actually Windows Protection Servant is a useless application. You should remove Windows Protection Servant as soon as you detect it on your computer.

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