Windows Remedy


Windows Remedy is a rogue antispyware program that uses fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert to infiltrate into computer system. Once there Windows Remedy simulates actions of antispyware program but in fact has no useful functions at all. It’s a creation of cyber criminals that have only one purpose – to gain as much money as possible without using too many efforts.

Windows Remedy infiltrates into computer systems through Trojan viruses. This infiltration is completely secret and doesn’t require any authorization of computer user. Once inside the program is configured to start automatically every time computer boots. Windows Remedy imitates performing system scan and reports about tons of malicious threats supposedly detected on your computer. In fact, even if your system is absolutely clean, the program will report about the same infections. The reason of it is to make you believe your system is infected and later suggest purchasing a full version of Windows Remedy in order to protect your computer.

As you see Windows Remedy only wants you to make a payment for its fake program but actually it is not ready to provide any protection services at all. Please get rid of Windows Remedy as soon as you notice its malicious signs on your system.

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