Windows Rescue Center


Windows Rescue Center is a rogue antivirus program that spreads to computers through fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert and tries to make computer users pay for it. At first the user is warned about Trojan virus detection and he is offered to run a system scan. If you agree to check your system, Windows Rescue Center will be installed to your system and then the fun part will begin.

Once inside, the program uses its fake scanner with each system reboot, even though you don’t ask for it. Windows Rescue Center claims that your computer is badly infected. In order to remove infections you will be asked to make a payment for the application explaining that only a full version of a program will be able to remove infections.

Actually Windows Rescue Center is just looking for a way to get your money. It may also start displaying fake security notifications with false information just to make you think your system is infected and make you purchase Windows Rescue Center.

Please don’t trust this badware under any circumstances. Remove Windows Rescue Center as soon as possible if you have got infected.

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