Windows Restore


Windows Restore is a newly created rogue antispyware program which imitates and antispyware program even though it doesn’t have any abilities of a security tool. The program uses Trojan viruses to get inside the system and once there it carefully follows its plan. The main goal of Windows Restore is to make computer users purchase if fake product as a legitimate security tool.

Windows Restore falsifies a system scan and claim that it detected a bunch of infections on your computer. Then it asks to make a payment for a so called full version of a program which promises to remove all infections. Unfortunately it doesn’t remove anything but only wants to get your money this way.

Windows Restore also displays tons of security notifications and pop up ads which are also designed to make computer users believe their system are infected. All of such messages are also fake.

Please eliminate Windows Restore from your system as soon as you notice it on your system. Do not hesitate and do it as soon as you detect it on your system.

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