Windows Safety Guarantee


Windows Safety Guarantee is a fake antispyware tool that secretly sneaks into computers and uses malicious methods in order to get users trust and sell him a useless program. The program infiltrates with a help of Trojan viruses and acts on the system despite your will.

Windows Safety Guarantee loads its fake scanner and simulates system scan. However, it doesn’t detect real infections and instead of that generates fabricated scan results where none of the “detected” files are harmful. Less experienced computer users may take these scan results for granted and then follow the next steps that it offers to you.

If you fall for this trick, the application will easily gain some money from you. Basically, Windows Safety Guarantee will state that it can remove all the infections that were detected on your computer but first you must purchase its license. As soon as the program reveals your credit card information, a certain amount of the money will be charged. In this case the goal of Windows Safety Guarantee is reached as the program only needs your money. Talking about removal of infections, you can forget that. When it comes to deleting malicious files, Windows Safety Guarantee is completely helpless.

You are strongly recommended to delete Windows Safety Guarantee from your system as soon as you notice it on your computer. It’s definitely not worth your trust!

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