Windows Safety Manager has nothing to do with the safety


Windows Safety Manager is a new fake rogue program that has been released today. It was designed by the same cyber criminals who take responsibility for Windows Antivirus Patch, Window Protection Unit and others. The program warns that your system is badly infected and recommends getting a full version of Windows Safety Manager to remove every single infection that exist on your machine. In fact ,the program expects you to pay for this useless application. However, Windows Safety Manager does not remove anything.

In addition, the program generates fake security notifications and pop up ads which warn about problems that do not exist on your system. These warning only strengthen the feeling that there is something wrong going on with your system.

Beware of Windows Safety Manager rogue antivirus program and do not fall for this trick. You must run a full system scan in order to remove this badware from your machine as soon as possible. Make sure your antispyware is upgraded to its newest version.


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