Windows Safety Tweaker tweaks system by showing Fake Alerts


Windows Safety Tweaker is a rogue antispyware that spreads hacked websites in order to steal money from random computer users. The program imitates scanning your system for infections and then recommends cleaning it with a full version of Windows Safety Tweaker. When the program finishes scanning computer it says that your computer is badly infected and that it can affect your private information.

One more thing to mention, Windows Safety Tweaker will be loaded each time you restart your system and this will become extremely annoying. Fake scanner is not the only consequence of Windows Safety Tweaker. Moreover, you will notice tons of pop ups and system alerts appearing your computer. These messages usually redirect you to purchasing Windows Safety Tweaker and also warn about system infections.

Please ignore all these messages and scan results. They are far away from the real situation of your computer. Purchasing Windows Safety Tweaker is a huge mistake as well as it will neither solve your security issues nor give protection. Even worse, you will lose your money. Windows Safety Tweaker is a tool created by computer hackers who only want to get easy money.

You are highly recommended to get rid of Windows Safety Tweaker as soon as you detect it on your computer. Run a full system scan with a reputable antispyware program and remove Window Safety Tweaker and all other infections could have infiltrates while Windows System Teaker was running. If it happened for you to pay for this malicious application, immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.


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