Windows Salvage System


Windows Salvage System is another rogue antispyware program designed by computer hackers. The purpose of this badware is to steal money from random computer users by convincing them to purchase its useless application.

Windows Salvage System infiltrates through fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert that falsely warns about Trojan infected on your computer. The program uses the name of Microsoft even though it is not related to Microsoft at all. However, this alert offers scanning your system in order to detect the Trojan and then installs Windows Salvage System to your machine.

The program is run with each system reboot. Windows Salvage System pretends to look for infections and then asks for your money in order to remove those infected files. Moreover, it constantly warns you about system infections by displaying fake pop up ads and security notifications. All these messages by the end offer purchasing Windows Salvage System too.

Please do not trust such scanners or security notifications. None of them are worth your consideration. Remove Windows Salvage System with a reputable antispyware program.

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