Windows Saviour Firewall


Windows Saviour Firewall is a rogue antivirus program that infects random computer systems through fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert and uses malicious methods to make computer users pay for it. If Windows Saviour Firewall targets your system you will receive a message imitating Microsoft’s message. It will state that your computer is infected with a Trojan virus and ask you to run a scanner.

Then Windows Saviour Firewall is installed to the system and it is run with each system reboot. The program will pretend looking for infections and then offers getting its full version in order to remove infections. Actually the program only wants to get your money but it doesn’t mean that your system contains that bunch of infections, and, most importantly, it doesn’t mean that Windows Saviour Firewall would be able to detect and remove something.

Actually Windows Saviour Firewall is completely useless and it is not able to perform any useful actions. It’s also responsible for tons of pop up messages and security notifications which are displayed on the screen with each system reboot.

Please remove Windows Savious Firewall as soon as you notice it on your system.

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