Windows Scan


Windows Scan is a fake system optimization tool, one more member of the huge family of fake defragmenters. It’s a program that is distributed through Trojans in order to manipulate computer users and swindle their money away.

Windows Scan appears on the screen as a scanner completely out of nowhere and pretends scanning your system though you didn’t ask for it. After a while the program states that it detected a bunch of system errors which can be removed by Windows Scan but you must purchase its full version first.

Windows Scan also displays tons of fake warnings, various pop up ads stating that your system casino online is at risk and pushing into purchasing a license of Windows scan. Just like the scan results, they must be ignored as these messages don’t say any real information about Windows Scan.

Security experts strongly recommend removing Windows Scan as soon as you notice its first traces on your system. Scan your computer with a reputable antispyware program and get rid of Windows Scan as soon as possible.

One Response to “Windows Scan”

  1. Tony says:

    A friends HP notebook was so infected, any attempt to do anything, it would just shut down, So I removed the drive, put it in my pavillion, then passed Windows Defender which did not detect it, then overnight with Kaspersky, which Quarinitined four parts of it, While still in my HP Pavillion I booted up the Notebook 2.5″ Hard Drive succesfully, and ran its own AVG Anti virus to make sure it was clear.
    The suggestion is, if and when necessary, put it in another computer, Just don`t boot the infected drive until it is cleaned, usually they won`t anyway unless of the same brand.
    So make sure the PC boots with its own OS system.