Windows Secure Kit 2012 spreads Security Shield


Windows Secure Kit 2012 is a browser hijacker that is used for spreading our biggest problem at the moment – Security Shield. This rogue has been actively infecting users for more than one year and has many its versions, so be careful. In order to promote this malware, Windows Secure Kit 2012 firstly infects legitimate websites and starts redirecting their visitors another page that is titled ‘Windows Security Alert’ offering to check your system for viruses and additionally pushing to install licensed Security Shield version.

Besides, some users have said that Windows Secure Kit 2012 spreads some versions of ZeroAccess which may result in other rogue programs, such as the ones from FikeVimes.

I must warn you that Windows Secure Kit 2012 has also been found on some highly ranked websites as well. They have also been redirecting users to Windows Security Alert page offering to download trial Security Shield’s version which is totally useless in improving PC’s security and virus removal. So, try to be careful when browsing on the Internet and don’t let Windows Secure Kit 2012 trick you into downloading Security Shield on your compute. If you have already installed this scam on your computer, I suggest you visiting 2spyware page and using guide explaining how you can remove Windows Secure Kit 2012 and Security Shield.

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