Windows Security 2010


Don’t fall for the tricks of Desktop Security 2010. It’s another rogue application seeking to gain profit from less experienced computer users. Desktop Security 2010 penetrates into your system without asking your permission. This makes quite difficult to detect this rogue before it is installed into your system. Right after installation, Desktop Security 2010 starts its malicious activity. The main plan of it is to make you pay for the licensed version of Desktop Security 2010 and earn money from you this way. It will use all kind of tactics to reach this goal.

Just like most rogue anti-spyware programs, Desktop Security 2010 uses its fake scanners and reports about plenty of infections detected on your system. The application also hijacks your Internet browser and keeps redirecting you to malicious Internet sites. Then Desktop Security 2010 generates various pop up ads and security tray alerts which state your computer is at high risk and needs to find a solution immediately. What they recommends is, of course, purchasing Desktop Security 2010.

The best what you can do is remove Desktop Security 2010 without any doubt. It is not a program you need; moreover, it will constantly offer you paying for its license. By doing that you will only lose your money and get no computer protection services. If you have already paid for this unsafe application, please contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Desktop Security 2010 is not a program worth paying money.

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