Windows Security Center Pop-up


Windows Security Center is a malicious pop up that was designed by computer hackers in order to steal money from computer users. The program is installed thought Trojan viruses. It appears on the system completely out of nowhere. Windows Security Center claims that there are tons of infections on your system and asks to remove them with by purchasing Vista Total Security which in fact is a rogue antispyware program and nothing good to your system.

The application is loaded with each system reboot. So you will not run from it each time you restart your computer. At the beginning it looks just like a security message warning that your system contains some security problems. The problem is that it leads to purchasing a malicious program which means that you will only lose your money.

Please ignore Windows Security Center message. If you found it on your system, the best solution would be getting a reputable antispyware program and removing Windows Security Center without any hesitations.

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