Windows Servant System


Windows Servant System is a dangerous rogue antispyware program that wants to earn money using illegal methods. Basically, it uses the layout of a reputable antispyware program and imitates its every single action. By doing this, Windows Servant System expects to make you believe it’s a legitimate tool that can help you a lot in handling with computer infections.

The program is downloaded and installed through Trojan viruses. This kind of infiltration is completely unnoticeable to computer user because Trojans often pretend to be programs that are necessary to download in order to watch some videos online, etc. Once inside Windows Servant System starts when computer is rebooted. It runs a scanner and reports about tons of infections at the same time suggesting purchasing a full version of Windows Servant System in order to remove them. According to the program the trial version is only able to detect infection but for removal you must purchase the license and activate your copy of Windows Servant System.

When the program is running on a certain system, its user will also notice tons of security notifications and pop up ads claiming that your system is badly infected. The purpose of them is also to make computer user believe that his system requires to be scanned because of spyware attacks. Most of the time these notifications redirect to the websites that promote Windows Servant System as a legitimate antivirus tool.

Beware that it’s a fake antispyware program that doesn’t have any useful functions but only wants to gain your money. You are strongly advised to get rid of Windows Servant System as soon as you notice it on your system.

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