Windows Smart Warden – rogue antispyware program created to steal your identity and money

Windows Smart Warden is a fake antivirus program that was designed by computer hackers in order to steal money from random computer users. Your computer may get infected with Windows Smart Warden while you are browsing the Internet. It is very common to see pop ups stating that your computer is under attack of spyware infections and it is recommended to run a system scan online.
As soon as the program gets the access to your computer it will make some essential changes in your Windows Registry. As a result, your computer will keep displaying tons of pop ups and security notifications which claim about Trojan infection detected on your system.
Windows Smart Warden is a very annoying application because all these irritating messages make it unbearable to use computer properly. But most importantly, Windows Smart Warden can cause a serious money loss. As I already mentioned, the program uses its fake scanner and once it finishes Windows Smart Warden insists paying for its license. According to the program, a full version of Windows Smart Warden will fix all the detected threats and also ensure protection in future.
Please don’t fall for this trick. Windows Smart Warden  is a scam application and has to be removed once noticed. Use a reputable anti-spyware tool or get rid of Windows Smart Warden as soon as you detect it on your system.


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