Windows Software Guard


Windows Software Guard is a rogue antispyware program that was created by cyber criminals in order to rip computer users off. The application infiltrates using a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert which warns you that your computer is infected with a Trojan virus. You are then offered to scan computer and remove the Trojan.

It is clear that the program will offer scanning your system with Windows Software Guard and then ask you to pay for its license so the program could remove all infections. Unfortunately, Windows Software Guard can only imitate scanning computer for infections. It’s not able to remove any infections either.

Windows Software Guard also causes tons of security notifications and pop up ads warning that your system is infected and pushes you into purchasing a full version of a program.

You are strongly recommended to get rid of Windows Software Guard right when you detect it on your system. If you have paid for it, immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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