Windows Software Protection


Windows Software Protection is one more rogue antispyware program that uses a name of Microsoft in order to infiltrate into random computer systems. To be more precise, the program uses fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert and attempts to convince that your system was infected with a Trojan virus. If it succeeds and you agree to scan your computer for infections, Windows Software Protection enters your computer system.

Once it’s there, the program pretends scanning computer for infections by running a fake scanner after each computer reboot. The scanner claims that your computer system is infected with a bunch of infections. In jameshallison casino order to remove them, the program asks you to make a payment for a license of Windows Software Protection.

The reality is that it’s the way to get some money from you. Unfortunately, you don’t get any program that would really work as a security tool. Moreover, you will get annoyed by tons of security notifications and pop up ads warning you that your system is infected, etc.

You must remove Windows Software Protection as soon as you notice it on your computer. Do not hesitate and do it immediately to avoid infiltrations of other infections. if you have made a payment for Windows Software Protection, contact your bank and dispute the charges ASAP.

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