Windows Stability Alarm


Windows Stability Alarm is a rogue antispyware program that spreads to computers through Trojans and infects computers in order to rip computer users off. The program uses a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert. This alert appears on the system without any reason stating that it is infected with a Trojan virus. The alert looks just like a legitimate one some most computer users may really think their systems are infected. In reality it’s a program that is only able to imitate the functions of security tool but doesn’t perform anything useful.

Windows Stability Alarm warns you that your system is infected with tons of infections. The program states that the only way to remove infections is purchasing a full version of Windows Stability Alarm. In fact it’s just an attempt to make you pay so it could swindle your money away.

This attempt is strengthened with tons of security notifications and pop up ads being displayed on your screen. They basically warn that your system is infected and you must get Windows Stability Alarm in order to remove them.

Ignore all these offers. The program only wants to get your money. The only way to finish this story is removing Windows Stability Alarm.

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