Windows Stable Work


Windows Stable Work is a rogue antispyware program that you should stay away from! It’s a rogue program that was created by computer hackers. It is clear that all these guys want is your money, so Windows Stable Work is based on dangerous intentions.

An important part of this program is a fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert which appears on the system claiming that your computer has been infected with a Trojan virus. Actually this alert is displayed just for one reason – to scare you into thinking that your computer is not protected. Then it offers scanning your system with Windows Stable Work.

Unfortunately, the program only imitates looking for infections and in the end displays completely fabricated scan results. Even if your system is completely clear from viruses Windows Safety Protection will claim the opposite. The reason of this is to convince you into thinking your system is infected. Then Windows Stable Work tells you to purchase its full version which promises to take care of all system infections.

Do not trust this malicious program. Remove Windows Stable Work immediately after noticing its first steps on your system.


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