Windows Support System


Windows Support System is a rogue antispyware program that spreads through Trojan viruses and breaks into random computer systems. Windows Support System pretends to be a security tool though it doesn’t have any useful functions at all.

The program starts automatically when computer is booted and loads it scanner. In reality this scanner is fake and it is not able to detect anything. Anyway, after this fabricated system scan is over, the program lists some files and reports them as infections. In order to remove infections, Windows Support System recommends purchasing its full version.

Another thing that will keep annoying you if your system contains Windows Support System infection is tons of pop up ads and security alerts popping out of nowhere. These messages warn that your computer is badly infected and that you need to activate an antispyware program for their removal. You will probably guess that it will offer purchasing Windows Support System once again.

Do not trust this scam application and remove Windows Support System from your computer as soon as possible. It was designed by cyber criminals just to rip you off.

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