Windows System Tasks


Windows System Tasks is a rogue antispyware program that was designed under the same pattern as recently detected Windows Activity Inspector, Windows Tasks Optimizer and others. The program uses fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert in order to get inside the system. The program warns that your system is infected with a Trojan virus and then tells that you have to scan your computer in order to detect the Trojan and remove it.

Later on it will claim that the scanner detected even more infections and offers installing Windows System Tasks to your computer in order to remove them. Once you click ok, Windows System Tasks is installed into your computer and from that minute it keeps asking you to pay for its full version which is called to be the one that will fix your security problems.

While the program is running you will also receive various security notifications and pop up ads which will recommend registry entries analysis. These messages just attempt to create an even worse environment in your computer.

Please remove Windows System Tasks as soon as possible. Use a reliable antispyware program if you want to eliminate it for 100 percent.

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