Windows Tasks Optimizer


Windows Tasks Optimizer is a newly designed rogue antispyware program that has been recently spread on the Internet. It’s a program that impersonates a reputable antispyware program by imitating system scan and reporting about detecting tons of infections on your system. Windows Tasks Optimizer is installed to computers through fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert which in fact is a Trojan virus. It appears on the desktop as a warning out of nowhere and states that your system is badly infected.

As soon as Windows Tasks Optimizer gets a way to your workstation, it aggressively disturbs your activity. The program causes tons of security notifications that state your system contains spyware infections. Moreover, Windows Tasks Optimizer pretends to scan your system for infections and later on asks purchasing its full version so that it could remove malicious files.

However, it’s a scam application that has nothing in common with a reputable antispyware tool. Paying for it and registering Windows Tasks Optimizer will not change anything and you will only lose your money.

In order to remove Windows Tasks Optimizer form your system you must stop its processes first and that you will be able to run a full system scan with a reputable antispyware program. Below you will find full removal instructions of Windows Tasks Optimizer which you may find helpful while removing this badware.

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